iOT - iOrder Tracking

Track Your Driver

Use iOT with real time GPS Tracking , to track the location where your drivers are and estimate the time for each delivery.

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Plan Your Delivery

With our Order Tracking System using real time GPS tracking of driver’s location, you can now plan the delivery for the orders based on area.

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Deliver On Time

Delivery performance can be increased and orders can be delivered on time using our GPS live order tracking system.

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Use Any Device

Our iOT - Driver Tracking System can work with any mobile device which has built in GPS.(iOS,Android,Windows)

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use iOT to track order,driver and vehicle

iOT - iOrder Tracking uses the latest technology of advanced capabilities in cellular and satellite communication; you can use GPS tracking devices for Order Tracking System, Driver Tracking to better manage your drivers and orders, no matter where they are located. Track Your drivers using Order tracking System with real time GPS tracking solutions customized specifically to your business needs, so that you can receive detailed reporting on your drivers, orders , area and branch wise sales while significantly cutting costs.

Number Of Orders Deliverd By Drivers
X- Delivery Duration , Y- Number Of Orders